Security – providing physical and logical protection

GBMS Tech powers the cybersecurity for CoolDC the innovative eco-friendly data center(s) to provide a best-in-class server environment perfect for businesses and enterprise who need a fast, socially responsible data servers with the right data security for a GDPR world.

Countering the threat of security breaches, malware, and data theft.
In addition to CCTV and 24-hour staffing, our Data Centres are protected by a combination of state-of-the-art biometric and analytic physical security as standard. We also offer logical security products to protect your hardware and data from attack.

These include Trident CMP™, provided by GBMS Tech. This actively searches and prevents live threats before they can access and compromise your systems, is monitored 24/7, and has been recognised and approved by insurance underwriters, Barbican.



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GBMS Tech products and services are at the endpoint layer of your Defense In-Depth Security Strategy.